This privacy policy is here to state all the user data this website will store and how it will be perceived. The first aspect of our privacy policy is to protect the privacy of our users and keep their data secure.

This website keeps log files for all the visitors. It is a standard practice that almost all the websites follow to enhance the user experience. Log files are the files that store the details about the user. The information stored in log files usually includes the IP address, ISP, date and time of visit, browser information, the number of clicks, and information about landing or exit pages.

Any of this information doesn’t like any data that can personally identify an individual. The data we store is only for data analysis. This information helps analyze trend evolution, demographic effects, and user consistency and use of the website, etc. All this information is vital for the proper functioning of this website.

We implement organizational and technical measures to make sure that the personal information, if any collected by us, remains secure. We take proper caution to minimize the risk of theft, loss of data, damage, or unauthorized use of the user’s personal information. 


This website uses cookies to provide a unique user experience. Visitors should allow the use of cookies to get the best out of this website. The cookies also help us to figure out the user’s choice and customize the website as per their preferences and system specifications. The cookies are an essential component to keep track of decisions the user made while using this website, which will help us to learn more about their likings and present them with more customized features. Visitors can also choose to disable the cookies through their browser settings.

Third-Party Privacy Policy

To provide all the relevant information to our visitors, we include links to various third-party websites. These links may or may not redirect you to some other sites. We also do not take responsibility for the information quoted from third party websites. 

The third-party websites have their privacy policy and guidelines. Our responsibility terminates once the user clicks on a link that takes them away from this site. Users should read the privacy policy of the respective site which they visit, as we cannot be held accountable for anything that happens on that particular website.


When a user visits our website, they agree to the terms & conditions and privacy policy of our website. If you have queries regarding anything on our site, you can read our terms and conditions for clarification.

Online Privacy Guidelines

At any time, you can contact us and request to exercise your rights as per the applicable law. The guidelines presented here apply only to this website and data collected through it. This policy does not apply to any data collected by us through any other source, including online and offline, that is not a part of this website.

If you have any queries, you can write to us or contact us through our contact page.