Lortab 10/325mg


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Lortab 10/325mg helps relieve moderate to severe pain. This drug contains a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone.

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10 reviews for Lortab 10/325mg

  1. Noah

    It takes the pain away from my body. I trust Loratb without any doubt. It gave me new life back.

  2. Jeremy

    Lortab works extremely well for my chronic hip pain.

  3. Christian

    I have been taking Lortab since 2015 due to a severe fracture in my right leg in a bike accident. I can feel the severe positive effects on my pain after using it. Ite s such a godsend for me.

  4. Keith

    It has become my favorite pain reliever medicine. I would highly recommend it to others.

  5. Roger

    I am 15 years old teenage girl suffering from severe back pain. I use one tablet 2-3 times daily as required for my pain, and I can see results after taking it. Best invention of the medical industry and blessing for a people like me.

  6. Terry

    I have no words to praise Lortab. It s such a miracle for my pain. I would definitely share its effects with others.

  7. Harold

    If you are going to take Lortab for your pain, my advice is to be careful and follow all the directions. It really works.

  8. Sean

    Best pain reliever medicine with 0 side effects. I am blessed that I found it.

  9. Austin

    I have been taking it for several years. It works without any addiction and side effects.

  10. Christian

    Lortab helps me so I may get out of bed and do the things like a normal person. After taking it, I don t feel any pain in my body.

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