Opana ER 10mg


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Opana ER 10mg is an opioid medication that helps treat moderate to severe pain. The extended-release form of oxymorphone is for around-the-clock treatment of pain or should not use-as-needed basis for pain.

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11 reviews for Opana ER 10mg

  1. James

    Everything was smooth from the initial interaction until the moment when the order was received. If all goes in the same way it will be a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

  2. Robert

    I am very pleased by the level of service I’ve received. They’ve kept me informed and reminded me when I needed to refill my prescription. Great job, good service. Thank you!

  3. John

    We have bought several instances through Topmeds Review. The prices are always the best and each transaction was completed flawlessly. I’m not worried about buying any more items from this business.

  4. Michael

    The process of ordering my medication for the first time using Topmeds Review was simple and straightforward. The person I spoke to was clear, knowledgeable of the procedure and was extremely professional.

  5. DAVID

    It was my first time with Topmeds Review, and I was thrilled with my experience. The online ordering process was simple to navigate and the customer service was able to assist me with the process of paying over the phone. He also addressed every question I had. I’d be comfortable using these for any future prescriptions.

  6. William

    Excellent customer service. Prices are among the most competitive online and it’s secure to purchase medicines from them. All of my medicines arrived much earlier than I expected. I am happy to have an excellent source to purchase my medication at a reasonable cost from Topmeds Review.

  7. Richard

    My prescription is costly and the price I paid of Topmeds review was a small fraction of the price I would find it for in the US. My prescription was delivered within under a week, which is two days earlier than I was expected. I will likely order through this site in the near near future. Thank for your service!


    I was worried about being taken advantage of initially. The medication was delivered as promised and performed exactly as it was supposed to. The cost of the medication is very high, which is what brought me to your site. This is the reason I continue to take your medication.


    I like Topmeds Review so very much. The experts are very professional. The service is slow but it’s reliable, and I have saved hundreds of dollars with just one medication. I’m planning to add my list of medications to this site.


    The same medication was received in the same form as I ordered it, and at a huge savings! I’ve just placed my order for a order for a reorder. It will take about a week for delivery however the savings are well enough to be worth it. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.

  11. Christopher

    I have ordered medicines along with personal products to maintain my hygiene for six years or so through Topmeds Review. In contrast to other pharmacies, I’ve always had access to every medicine available, and the most recent batches.

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